Check out the Australian Chiropractic Association’s Workspace Week checklist and discover great tips on how to set up a safe working environment from anywhere!

During national Workspace Week we are encouraging anyone using a computer at home, albeit for work or study, to learn some simple steps that can improve postural correctness and create an ergonomic workspace.

The Workspace Week checklist can assist people to work safely in an ergonomic setting, while using the Straighten Up App to improve posture, stabilise core muscle groups, prevent spinal disability and enhance overall health and wellbeing.

By using these free tools and implementing positive spinal health habits including using an ergonomic office chair, adjusting your laptop to eye level and positioning your knees slightly below your hips when sitting, you can help prevent potential physical injuries when working remotely.

If you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort from working or studying from home, contact our friendly team on 03 9470 3443 to make an appointment with one of our chiropractors or book online today!