There are few things that can be more debilitating than lower back or pelvic pain that is accompanied by pain running down the legs. This is known as Sciatica.

Researchers estimate that eight out of ten people will suffer from back pain during their lifetime, for many of these it can turn into a chronic problem which has a very serious effect on their quality of life.

Is chiropractic a good option for relieving your lower back pain and sciatica?

The answer depends on what is causing your pain in the first place.

Some back pain and sciatica may be caused by an underlying medical condition, but researchers have found that most back pain can be traced to other causes.

A significant number have been found to be related to irritation or inflammation of the nerves in the lumbar spine or pelvis. If this nerve inflammation is coming from an underlying condition such as misalignment of spinal bones in these areas or overly tight muscles then Chiropractic may be just the answer you are searching for!

Tight muscles or spinal bones out of proper alignment can often be linked to sports or motor vehicle accidents, falls, poor posture, or from something as simple as sleeping in an awkward position or staying in prolonged position (sitting with technology or driving). These issues are commonly found in young, middle-aged and older patients alike.

Over time, if left neglected and ignored, a slight injury or impairment in the spine can worsen with normal daily activities and result in inflammation and degeneration. This can lead to not only lower back pain but also chronic sciatica.

Since lower back pain and sciatica affect hundreds of millions of people, a great number of medications have been developed to alleviate the pain. Recent studies show that medications only offer a limited and temporary relief since they most often do not address the root cause of the problem. The side effects of these medications are also an area of great concern in healthcare.

Research has found that chiropractic care and exercise where shown to be more effective than pain medication as a remedy for back pain. For this reason, healthcare professionals and patients are seeking Chiropractic as a possible solution for lower back pain and sciatica.

A Dr of Chiropractic has extensive knowledge and education regarding all aspects of the spinal column, including the lower back and pelvic region. They have a specific skill set that includes detecting spinal misalignment, poor muscle function and how best to correct these conditions. If a problem exists the Chiropractor can perform adjustments to enhance and restore proper alignment, mobility and functionality. By restoring proper alignment it relieves pressure on the nerves and reduces muscle tension which can be a contributing factor. In many cases, Chiropractic care may be the best solution to lower back and sciatica.