Book a free Backpack Check for your child before school starts in 2022!

Our chiropractors are conducting FREE Backpack Checks to help your child look after their spinal health while at school.

With kids spending nearly 200 days at school each year, we would like to remind patients to encourage their children to be mindful of their health when in school, especially their spine.

The Australian Chiropractors Association have developed a Back to School Health Checklist to remind children and their parents of the healthy habits that they should be practicing all year round. This includes:

  • Wearing their backpack with both straps only
  • Securing the waist and chest bag straps
  • Sitting with shoulders relaxed, and both feet on the floor
Free backpack check

If you’re concerned about your child’s spine, book a free backpack check with one of our chiropractors by calling our friendly team on 03 9470 3443. Limited appointments available for a limited time only!